Freddie's not your man!
Jim was appalled to see that Freddie Starr has been mentioned in the Jimmy Saville saga. Jim has known Freddie for 35 years. He's mad, he's mental, but he isn't a paedophile - not in a million years.

Freddie is a bit odd in the fact he does't drink, eh! He gives the impression of being a loony but Freddie is a cleaver man. He is without doubt the funniest man Jim has ever seen.

Jim said: "I remember Blazers night-club in Windsor. Freddie had me and 900 other lucky people collapsing with laughter. He tore up the comedy rule book and did what he thought was funny; 901 of us agreed.

"He once stopped the Royal Variety show dead in it's tracks. He was so brilliant, Max Bygraves the compere could not sit the audience back down again and Freddie had to come back from the dressing-room to take a bow.

"Freddie's pranks were legendary," Jim continued. "He would always walk on dressed as Hitler during the girl singer's romantic ballad.

"There would always be a custard pie for some unfortunate dancer and once he got hold of some guitar act's guitar, took the strings off, did a poo in it, put the strings back on and tuned it up perfectly.

"When the guitarist went on, he could smell this awful gut wrenching smell and thought someone in the front row had farted!"

That's Freddie Starr - Mad, bad but not a perve!
Freddie's not your man!
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