Jim's Review: Mannings Hotel
It is too good to be true, a great hotel right next to the gig!

The Hall for Cornwall is a great venue in the town of Truro. Next to it is one of the great little hotels of England. It is situated on a main road and to park they have a courtyard with Colditz style gates and security.

The wife of the late brother of the late Bernard manning...owns the hotel...that make sense?

The welcome is welcoming and the staff are efficient and charming.

The rooms are a little on the small size but they make up for it in facilities. Air conditioning! You'd be surprised at the number of hotels that don't have it. Amazing isn't it, we had a man on the moon in 1968 and there are still hotels with no air con!

The rooms also have widescreen TV and a docking station for the iPhone/iPad. It's not hard to provide things that people want is it? This hotel really cares about its punters.

If you are looking for more space, the hotel also has a number of self-contained chalets, they are more like flats complete with kitchen. Fantastic.

The best thing about the hotel is the staff. They are helpful and courteous. The bar tender on the night I stayed was an expert cocktail maker, a good talker and a diplomat in dealing with a Walter Mitty who was pissing everybody off.

I can't recommend this hotel enough.

Mannings Hotel, Truro - Tel: 01872270345
Jim's Review: Mannings Hotel
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