The Gospel according to Mark
Every now and then I will be publishing the thoughts of Chairman Mark. His useful opinions can be used to make our world a better place. This edition features Mark giving us his wisdom on THE ARTS.

Opera is for c**ts

No f*cker can sing along because you can't hear the f*cking words because of the fat c*nt f*cking screeching. The sound resembles a cat with its bollocks caught in a vice!!

No f*cker can look you in the eyes and say they have had a good night at the Opera unless they had a bird giving them a nosh throughout the whole performance. Posh c*nts make out they like it!

It costs the same with a high class brass or a season ticket at The Valley to have your f*cking ear-drums perforated by listening to two f*cking hours of f*cking torture.

Half the time the c*nts don't sing in English, so what's the f*cking point of listening to the shit!

Opera singers are either fat-f*ckers or wrong-uns... the recent winner of Britain's Got Talent springs to mind! What the f* can possess somebody to think, "I want to be a opera singer when I leave school," unless they were abused and are mentally deranged!

If Opera is so good how come there is not an opera houses in every city?

Posh c*nts think it's culture...but in truth it's shit.

Mark "feelgood" is a former monk and member of the "Covered end" at Charlton.
The Gospel according to Mark
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