Racial Abuse in Serbia
The Serbs are proud people. They have a great country that has come through a lot of turmoil, strife and racial unrest. It therefore defies logic for the Serbs to behave in such away at the under 21 England match.

The booing and chanting is fair enough but it is unacceptable for the disgusting monkey noises. It just shows that for some reason some people will direct their hatred at the easiest targets, and forget their own violent history. Why do they do this? Is it to make themselves feel better or to throw the opposing team off balance? Well that didn't happen as England beat them... Good!

It is mind boggling that the England team got the blame for this fiasco. It must be impossible to not react. The England team should be praised, for staying on the pitch. The behaviour of the Serbian team and their fans was appalling.

The way to stop this is to stop going to the bloody place. That'll do it. Where were the English fans during all this? Next time we play let's do it at Millwall's ground... then let the buggers do their monkey noises. There is no need for Racism in football. Not now for God's sake. Let's kick it out.

We have a Black manager at Charlton. That's what people say. We never look at Chris Powell as a manager that just happens to be black... and we love him. I have never seen any racism at Charlton, and I'm sure that all of you fans can boast the same about your team. This is not the seventies, we've moved on and so has fear and hatred that accompanied that decade. So let's hope that all those white blokes that administer football get a grip of this unacceptable behaviour.

There's been lots of stuff on racism lately with one newspaper listing all the programs and comics that were guilty of it. Thank God I was not included. I never set out to be racist that would have been madness. However I was very good at accents. That, and the ability to nick jokes from people and copy their delivery.

A big influence was Jimmy Jones. I first saw him at a pub called the Montague Arms in Peckham .It was 1970. He was hilarious. He had a wonderful West Indian accent. Well it wasn't at all authentic. It was a cartoon version but people pissed themselves at it. For an authentic West Indian accent you had to go and see Peter Demmer. He played at the pub down the road - The Adam and Eve. He was a master of voices; he could also sing like a bastard. He was the best I ever saw... to this day. I was so glad that when I started to make it he had pissed off to Australia and changed his name to Peter Dean. (pictured) I saw him in Oz last year. It was great.

In Blackpool 1977 I was asked not to do the black voice by Little and Large's manager. They were top of the bill and he didn't want any offence caused because of someone, in the show... me. That came as a complete shock to me. The fact that my West Indian-Jimmy Jones voice might cause offence was new to my ears. It was funny; it wasn't offensive... was it? I thought the manager didn't want me going down too well and making it hard for his clients. He needn't worry on that score, Little and Large were fantastic. The producer asked if perhaps I could create a character, one that black people could laugh at as well. Chalkie was born.

Throughout the 70's and early 80's, Chalkie was an ever present part of my act. Then things changed. Ben Elton had turned up and I was quickly labelled as a racist comic that was old fashioned and out of touch. Chalkie died that day along with the ability of bigoted lefties to see that Chalkie was a character created out of affection not of hatred. The idea was to get people to hate the people who were bad to Chalkie during the jokes. Police, skinheads, nutters, Chalkie could deal with them all and come out smiling.

Looking back and listening to people complain about what was then, I ask myself would I create that character again? The answer is yes I would. He'd have a different accent but he would still be a winner and created to bring people together rather than drive them apart.

Things are different nowadays. The Black and White Minstrels are gone as is Love thy Neighbour. But have you seen Citizen Khan? There must still be a market for laughing at ethnic minorities. We obviously haven't moved on that far.

Can't wait for the Serbs to come to Hamden Park!
Racial Abuse in Serbia
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